All prices are per night.


Weekends – Prices per night (Fri & Sat) 2022

Low Season: 1st Nov 21 - 12th Jun 22 - £65
Mid Season: 13th Jun - 17th Jul - £70
High Season: 18th Jul - 4th Sep - £75
Low Season: 5th Sep - 31st Dec- £65

Weekdays – Prices per night (Sun-Thu) 2022

High Season: £70
All other dates: £60

All Bank Holidays: £75 per night


Main Site Camping:

Adult £11 per night

Child (Age 2-17) £6.50 per night; Infants FREE (Younger than 2)

Under 18s staying without an adult are charged as adults

Dogs, awnings, gazebos, extra cars are FREE

Mobile phone charging is FREE

No electricity on the field

Annexe Camping:

Adult £8.50 per night

Child (Age 2-17) £5 per night; Infants FREE (Younger than 2)

Portable toilets and a water tap are provided but there is no electricity on the field.

Showers are on the main site are about a 5 minute walk away

Book The Whole Campsite or
The Whole Annexe:

Weekdays (Sun-Thu) 2022
£250 per night high season
£150 per night otherwise

Weekends (Fri & Sat) 2022
Low Season: 1st Apr - 12th Jun - £350
Mid Season: 13th Jun - 17th Jul - £500
High Season: 18th Jul - 30th Aug - £700
Late Season: 4th Sep  - 31st Oct - £350

Bank Holidays (Fri, Sat & Sun) 2022 - £950 for the three days
Jubilee Holiday (Thur, Fri, Sat) - £950 for the three days

The Romany Caravan must also be hired at additional cost.
We have found couples who come for a romantic getaway sometimes don't want a party on their doorstep.

Please be aware our Annexe visitors will be sharing the showers with you. They have their own toilets.

Sorry, No Camper Vans or Caravans.


Homemade & Local Produce:

Homemade Jams & Chutneys £1.50 to £2.50.

Homemade loaf of brown bread £2.50.

For the Romany Caravan only:

We provide you with everything you need, except the food.

Drinks Pack £4 per night: Tea; Coffee; Milk; Sugar; Kettle; Cups and Spoons.

Wood & Cooking:

Wood for your campfire. £7 per barrow load.

Charcoal BBQ Hire £7 (includes charcoal) per night.

Camping Stove Hire £5 (includes gas) per night.

FREE marshmallows if you hire wood or BBQ’s & find your own toasting stick.


Please be sensible, and considerate to your fellow campers.  That’s it basically. But here are a few specifics:

All guests & visitors to report to reception on arrival.

Speed limit strictly walking pace on site at all times.

Teenagers are welcome to come on their own on the main site, we loved to camp when we were that age, but we do need parental permission. Please call to arrange this type of booking and we will send you the forms. Or you can download the form by clicking this link.

All dogs must be under control at all times. Greyhounds must be muzzled (our cat is fast but not that fast….)

The greenhouses next door have very sensitive proximity alarms if they are tripped collecting balls or just exploring our neighbour will have a 20 mile round trip on his day off to reset them. Consequently, if tripped a charge of £50 will be levied.

Ball games only where safe, and not to annoy other campers.

Children should be supervised when playing around the pond. Please do not throw stones in the pond, feed the fish or try to catch the fish.

No trampling of the plants, hitting the plants with sticks or picking flowers and fruit in the garden. We lost an entire apple crop from a child picking unripe apples off a tree.

Children should be supervised at all times around fires.

Please use rubbish bins and recycle point.

No PA systems or karaoke machines are allowed.

No loud music is allowed on the site at any time: For normal stays the maximum noise level on the site should be 70 dBs at source (which is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner). At 10m this should sound like a normal conversation. For whole site bookings you may go to 80 dBs (which is about as loud as a lawn mower or hairdryer) – At 15m this should sound like a normal conversation. In both cases the base notes should not be able to be felt through the ground.

We would ask that all campers quieten down by 11pm. If you take the whole campsite you will not be annoying other campers but we do have neighbours 50 meters away.

We are happy for you to sit around your campfire chatting amongst yourselves late into the night, just not loudly.

We are fully cognisant of male nocturnal urinary habits, especially in conjunction with campfires and beer. Please use the ditch rather than the camping field.

Single night stays are 24 hours from time of arrival. Additional time will attract a further fee unless by arrangement.

All incidents/accidents occurring on site must be reported to reception

Campers are not allowed any day visitors without prior arrangement

Please stay within the Annexe boundary, the surrounding fields are private land.

Visitors to the main site are not allowed on the Annexe.

The showers are shut to the Main Site visitors between 12.00 and 3.30.  Visitors staying on the Annexe will be using the showers during this time.

Visitors to the Annexe are not allowed on the main site except to visit reception or to use the showers between 12.30pm and 3pm.

Annexe visitors are not allowed to use any of the other facilities on the mains site including the toilets.